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As most of you know, Allen was injured in a diving accident on June 10. He is home healing and expected to make a full recovery. However, he still is unable to work & has got a lot of medical bills and expenses. Below are links to fundraising sites set up by Allen’s friends. If you’d like, you can help offset these expenses and send a get well message by clicking on either link below. We’ll be back at the end of August with new shows and we’ll be spending the fall working on a new album. Hope to see you soon!

Go Fund Me – Allen Thompson

You Caring – Allen Thompson

As many of you have heard, Clint Maine has suffered a fall and required surgery as well. Both Clint and Allen are expected to recover fully from their injuries. The road to recovery will be long and hard. To help Clint, please visit this site:

Go Fund Me – Clint Maine

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The Allen Thompson Band, East Nashville stalwarts for the better part of the last decade, could very well be writing the soundtrack for their ever-evolving neighborhood. It’s a neighborhood that, like the band, has changed markedly over the years, ever since Thompson, a Virginia native, left his home state and headed west.

They’re a rock & roll band with roots in southern soul, California country, and psychedelic music. Along the way, they’ve grown a bit louder, too, adding a keyboardist to the lineup and replacing Thompson’s acoustic guitar, a familiar sound on earlier albums like Salvation in the Ground, with its electric cousin. The songs still takes their cues from the music that came out of San Francisco and Laurel Canyon during the ’70s, but the sound has broadened over the years, now owing just as much to the rock & roll that roared out of Minneapolis and Athens during the following decade.

The sound coming out of Nashville these days is eclectic and ever-changing, which suits the Allen Thompson Band’s broadening sound. Rather than mimicking the past, Allen and the Boys are using their collective inspirations to reflect the sights, sounds, triumphs, and tragedies of their current surroundings, all the while keeping a hopeful eye toward the future, where more big things are in store!